Quality of Life

Somebody posted a Facebook memory this week that had Hannah in it when she was somewhere between 2 and 3 years old. She was bent over looking through a fence at some critters at one of our CFC great escapes to the zoo. I downloaded the picture and zoomed in on it. Oh my gosh, her chubby little cheeks and legs… her little pixie hair cut…I wanted to reach into the picture and bite her little head off. I know, weird how we want to eat cute kids. Even weirder, instead of that pic making me happy, I actually found myself grieving a little. I want her back at that age sooooo bad. But it did make me think the rest of the day of all the work we put into her as she grew up. Trying to potty train her, teaching her to brush her teeth, grooming her to love fruits and veggies, teaching her manners, to tell the truth, to clean her room, to pick up her toy area, to be kind to people….the list goes on and on. And every single moment of teaching and discipline was about one thing, trying to help my child find a great quality of life. Life is better when you don’t stink, have teeth, eat healthy so your body will be healthy, have friends because you are nice to people, have favor because you don’t lie, cheat, or steal…it all centers around quality of life. As a parent it is by far one of my greatest motivations, in fact my greatest purpose, to raise my daughter in a way that she can have life and life abundant. I guess I take it after my dad, big daddy that is, God. His life centers around us having a great quality of life. So He teaches us things, many things, that help us do just that. But the greatest thing He teaches us is that true life is not found in the flesh, but the Spirit. It is in Him we LIVE, move and breathe. Today God wants to teach you about life…and that true life is found only in Him.